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Jamie Hart, in Year 10, competed in the recent British BMX Championships alongside the best riders in the country. Jamie was delighted to qualify for this national event based on his performances throughout the racing season.

BMX racing comprises three ‘motos’. These are heats and eight riders race each moto with placings and times for the course recorded. Depending on positions attained in the motos, the rider may or may not progress to quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals.

Jamie’s first moto went well. He was excited and hopeful, in the second moto but unfortunately disaster struck – there was a crash! A rider next to Jamie fell and caused him to also crash. Luckily, Jamie didn’t go down hard and he was up and back on his bike in less than 10 seconds but by then the other six riders were a long way ahead. Jamie completed the course to a huge cheer from the crowd as everyone there understood how important competing at this level is and a finish is still something to be very proud of.

Jamie lined up for his third moto knowing that it would take a miracle to get past the heats and to the quarter finals. He was racing against top riders, some almost a year older than him. He rode with all his heart but most of the other riders were stronger than him and hadn’t suffered a crash. Sadly, he didn’t make it to the next rounds but can hold his head up and be very proud of his achievements, nonetheless.

Jamie stayed at the track side to watch the rest of the racing culminating in the finals, cheering all the riders on.

There will be more racing and Jamie will continue to improve and we hope that luck will shine on him next time. The important thing is to be involved and to keep trying, no matter the ups and downs, which in more ways than one is what BMX racing is all about.

When individuals compete in the British BMX championships they are given a special race number for the event. This number shows where they rank in the region and in their age category. The north region is number 4 and Jamie is ranked 3rd in his age category, which is a huge achievement in itself.

Please join us in congratulating Jamie for his amazing efforts and we wish him well for the next season.


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