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Jake learns a valuable skill for his Duke of Edinburgh award

19 January 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Jake Percival, in Year 11, was keen to learn a completely new skill for his Duke of Edinburgh Award that would be useful in later life. He approached Emma Bottomley, manager of The Station Café Bar to find out if there were any opportunities after school. Emma suggested that he would be most welcome at the Café and suggested that he may like to learn how to become a Barista. This would involve gaining an understanding of the different types of coffees and hot drinks offered on the menu and how to blend them to create the finished beverages. Jake jumped at the chance to do this as it was not only something different but, more importantly, was a skill that he could use to help him find a part-time job in the future.

Emma said: “Jake has been very quick to learn and after very little guidance he grasped the workings of the machine, the quantities of ingredients required in the different types of coffee, as well as the health and safety and hygiene aspects associated with making hot drinks. He was only too happy to serve customers and has a lovely rapport and manner that is perfect for anyone working in hospitality. He will do his Duke of Edinburgh skills training with us for 12 weeks, after which, there will be an opening for him to work for us. I have been really impressed with Jake’s eagerness to learn and how, after only a short time, he has become a valued team member.”

Jake added: “I am most grateful to Emma and Gareth at The Station Café Bar for giving me this fantastic opportunity to learn a new skill for my Duke of Edinburgh Award. It has been really interesting to find out more about the different types of coffee available and I am enjoying working in a busy hospitality and customer-facing environment. This is a great skill to have and I am looking forward to working for Emma and Gareth.”

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