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Izzy and Eve head to Dance City!

09 July 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Izzy Walton and Eve Walker are delighted to have secured places at Dance City, the highly regarded Dance School, in Newcastle, to study a three-year BA (Hons) Professional Dance course.

The Year 13 students have danced with us since Year 7 and their passion has just grown and grown over the seven years. Danni Fox, Lead Teacher of Dance, said: “Izzy and Eve have always shown something very special in terms of their ability and passion for the subject. Both girls continued to thrive throughout their GCSE training and had no doubts when it came to choosing their options for Sixth Form. During their time with us studying the CTEC Performing Arts course, they have developed into autonomous, self-regulated performers with a keen interest and understanding of the performing arts industry.

“They have shown complete dedication to the Dance department as a whole, from leading classes for younger students in Evolution Dance Company, to organising, scheduling and presenting their own Dance Showcases. The unconditional offers they received are testament to their professionalism and passion for the Arts – I have no doubt that both girls will be successful in their further training at Dance City and will go on to have promising careers in the industry.”

Eve has shared her experiences of the dance audition process, which we hope will be valuable advice for any students interested in furthering their studies in Dance.

What did you think of dance city/ the audition?
When I first attended my audition I was unsure whether this would be the place for me, however after dancing in the building and working alongside their incredible teachers I began to feel really at home and comfortable in the environment. The audition was a mix of ballet, contemporary and solos which I enjoyed. I felt nervous to begin with but soon felt at ease and relaxed into it. Throughout the audition day, the idea of studying here was becoming more and more perfect for me. I think it was the teachers that sealed the deal for me as they all seemed so knowledgeable and understanding. The audition day overall was a great learning opportunity as well as an audition itself.

What do you think made you successful in the audition?
I think my curiosity and enthusiasm helped me gain my unconditional offer. I’ve never been afraid to ask questions… so I did ask quite a few! I spoke to ex-students about their time at Dance City and tried to learn as much about the course as I could. I also feel like my determination during the ballet class helped me with the audition. Ballet is like an enemy to me; I respect it and understand it’s important however it doesn’t give me the ‘fire in the belly’ moment when dancing in its style. I think because I treated the day as more of a workshop I was able to enjoy the movement I was performing more, and this helped with my success on the day.

Are you planning on taking the offer?
YES! I have accepted my unconditional offer and will be starting on the 14th September. I have secured my own studio apartment not far from Dance City and hope to make a new home in Newcastle. I am enthusiastic to meet new, like-minded people as well as find a little part-time job too. After my three years at Dance City, I hope to study for my Masters Degree, possibly in London or Leeds. I am so excited for the next stage in my education, I can’t wait!

Eve concluded: “Dance at Richmond School has not only given me opportunities to gain great grades, but has also lead me along the right path for my future career.”

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