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IT wizards build their own working computer

13 January 2023  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

William and Harry have combined their IT skills to build their own working computer.  The Year 8 students have an avid interest in Computer Science and when Harry said he had some parts that would enable them to design and build a computer they quickly put their minds to the task in hand.

After working together during break and lunch times, the students now have a working computer.  Harry had been given an old computer from his uncle which he dismantled and then using parts from other old computers the students assembled them in the same way you would with brand new parts.

William said: “The computer is now up and running and if we plug in a monitor it works. It is capable of running any operating system such as windows, the internet works and it is also compatible with USB versions, has VGA and a HDMI output. It is very satisfying to know that we have taken used components and then upcycled them to make something old become new.”

The students are going to share the computer and intend to use it to do some programming. They are now saving up for a new motherboard and a new CPU to make it work more efficiently and faster.

IT is one of Harry and William’s favourite subjects. They both enjoy Computer Science and learning about how computers function, how to create software and finding solutions for problems.  William is considering studying A-level Computer Science and pursuing a computer-related career as he is aware that computers are key to improving the automation of systems, such as helping to come up with programmes for online purchasing and adjusting stock.

Jess Rodgers, who teaches the students IT, said: “I am really impressed with the initiative William and Harry have shown. To take used components and reconstruct them to create a working computer is admirable, especially in our throwaway society where there is a tendency to automatically discard old parts and replace them with new products. I look forward to seeing their next project!”

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