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Alumna Georgi Sutton-Walker visited college to talk to two Year 12 students who are keen to study veterinary science. Georgi spent half an hour chatting to Florence Quinton-Bottley and Caitlin Ladums-Brown enabling them to ask lots of questions and benefit from Georgi’s experience of applying to vet school and completing the course.  Georgi spoke to the students about the general application process for a number of UK vet schools, the approach to writing a stand-out personal statement and how to get the most out of work experience. They also chatted about the course at Nottingham and what university life is like in her experience.

Georgi said: ” Florence and Caitlin are clearly very passionate and determined to pursue a career in veterinary science and are already gaining a lot of work experience which will help their applications enormously. I wish them the very best of luck.”

Caitlin added: I am incredibly keen to be a small animal vet and my talk with Georgi really helped me understand how I can successfully apply to university for a veterinarian degree. Georgi advised me to gain as much work experience as I could with many types of different animals, to fuel my personal statement. She also encouraged me to ask for references from these employers, as some universities ask for references in order to make sure you are telling the truth about your experience. Due to the fact that I want to apply to a few of the same universities Georgi applied to, she was able to talk through the application process with me in order for me to understand what to expect. For instance, she mentioned group activities which the university will use in order to see how well you work within a group. She was able to answer all of my burning questions on life at university and reassured me that although it is challenging to be given an offer from a v veterinarian course, it is not impossible to achieve.

I am extremely thankful to Georgi for giving up some of her time in order to give me some advice on application process and an insight into what life is really like at university. I wish her all the best in her job as a farm vet after successfully completing her veterinary degree.

Florence added: “I found it very useful, especially the application process and what Georgi said about taking a gap year, as that was an option I am considering before going to university.”

We were delighted to do an alumni feature with Georgi recently and you can find out more about her pathway to becoming a vet here.

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