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Jack Denton, in Year 13, has received impressive feedback for the architectural model he has created as part of his A-level Design & Technology non-examination assessment.  Jack presented his project and model to Matt Ball (RIBA), Managing Partner at Matt Ball Architecture. Matt said: “Jack’s design is an incredibly high standard and would not look out of place in a graduate’s Design Show. The depth and quality of research and attention to detail is exceptional. He must have spent a huge amount of time developing his concepts and the finished result is remarkable. Models are a great way of simulating how a finished build looks, they are particularly beneficial for gauging space and assessing how light can enter a building, mimicking which areas get the most light during different times of the day.”

Jack chose a plot in Edinburgh to design an efficient building which incorporates apartments to help create much-needed additional housing stock, with a retail unit on the ground floor.

Jack said: “I chose architecture for my project as I am planning to study architecture at university and pursue this as my career.  The aim of my design was to create an inclusive design that is sympathetic to the historic architecture of Edinburgh, but which is also a visionary piece of contemporary design – a design which respects the past, but embraces the future. The design is in an urban infill project which aims to make a residential building that is efficient and also covers up an unsightly car park façade.

“I believe I have met the design brief because in my model I have designed the building to be in keeping with the surroundings with the stone arches and yet it blends contemporary features, such as the modern/industrial addition to the building of the steel entrance and window frames. I have incorporated both residential and commercial spaces to the building and I have made it accessible for any person. I have also included access to the back of the building for cars to the car park and deliveries to the hotel.”

Ian Dawson, DT teacher, concluded: “This is a tremendous piece of work, so carefully and considerately executed. Jack has devoted untold hours researching, designing and developing his concept. Laser cutting intricate pieces from plywood, mdf and oak enabled Jack to form much of the design that we see. The model, built to a scale of 1:50, has elements from some of our advanced facilities including the Ultimaker 3D Printers. These allow further detail to be applied along with Jack’s own hand-worked pieces.   It really is a fabulous piece of work and we are delighted that he has achieved such a striking concept.”


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