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Headteacher’s Values Award Winners – Ellen Atkinson and Flynn Hunter

26 January 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

The Headteacher’s Values Award was presented to Ellen Atkinson and Flynn Hunter in Year 11. Ellen and Flynn were jointly nominated by Mr Wilson who said: “I would like to jointly nominate Ellen Atkinson and Flynn Hunter for Engineering. When we are working on Controlled Assessment in lesson they always go way beyond my expectation in the technical detail of their response.  They also work at an alarming pace, leading to my next point.  Following the first lockdown, the amount of work required as evidence by BTEC was reduced to reflect the time available.  Not only have both students finished this work to a very high standard, but they have also made considerable progress on the work that was removed, simply because they would like to do it.  Regardless of whether it is required or not, it is excellent experience, as it tends to be the manufacturing tasks that BTEC thought that students would struggle to have access to.

“They have also always been only too happy to take time out from what they are doing to support other students in their two respective classes, by talking through their own work or giving advice.  It is always accepted thankfully from any student, as their peers know instinctively that it is worthwhile.  In December, and during this second lockdown, we have been preparing for their final exams which were scheduled for the first week of February.  These have only in the last week been cancelled, so I am gathering evidence for a predicted grade instead.  They have both gone the extra mile at every opportunity, asking technical questions when appropriate and always striving to improve upon work submitted before it is even set as a task.  In short, their adherence to the school values has been exemplary and I cannot praise them highly enough.” Mr Wilson

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