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Headteacher’s Values Award winners

19 July 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

The Headteacher’s Values Award was presented to Magnus Nathan-Thomas and Lenny Blowes, in Year 9.

Magnus and Lenny were nominated by Will Crowther, in Year 9, who said: “I know there will be many students who get put forward for the award each week but I just wanted to inform you about  what happened on Saturday and the reason for me nominating them for the award.

On Saturday afternoon, I was out with the lads biking up in Reeth and we followed Magnus as he knows all the routes. We approached a very steep hill and decided to go up and then down it. The incline went well and we reached the top in good time. We sat on the summit for a while, taking in the views and to appreciate the work that we had done. We met a couple of walkers on the summit and they praised us for making it to the top. After a quick drink break we set off down this steep hill, clinging on for dear life.

On the way down, I lost control of my brakes and started speeding up. I couldn’t grab hold of my brakes and I fell off my bike at high speed. I was knocked unconscious for a short while. In that time the boys carried me to a more comfortable area and position. After gaining consciousness, I saw the walkers standing near me asking if I was ok and what was hurting. They walked back down to Reeth to inform people that I was up there and they rang me once they had reached the village. The boys guided me back down to the village, supporting me on the way and constantly checking if I was ok. I got back down to Reeth where my dad came and picked me up and took me straight to hospital. Many hours later and after an X-ray and a CT scan, my results came back. I hadn’t broken or fractured any part of my neck, but have suffered serious muscle injury and it is very difficult to move my neck. In this time the boys were constantly texting me, checking on me and my situation.

That is why I wanted to nominate the two boys for Teamwork, Respect for the community and Excellence for how they dealt with the situation. I am extremely grateful to the two lads. If they hadn’t been there supporting me, then it could have been a different situation.”

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