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Headteacher’s Values Award winners

05 July 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

The Headteacher’s Values Award was presented to Mitchel Ingram and Kimberly Dobinson

Mitchel and Kimberley were nominated by Mrs Harrison, who wrote: “Last week we visited the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham and despite not knowing each other, except through the science club, Mitchel and Kimberley paired up to go around the venue. It could have been an overwhelming day for them but when they paired up magic seemed to happen. Mr Randall and I were hugely impressed by how well Kimberley and Mitchel agreed about where they were going to go, what activities they were going to do and how they threw themselves into the day, making the most of every opportunity. We are so proud of both of them for taking it in turns to decide what to do next, as well as looking out for each other over the 5 hours we were there!”

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