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Headteacher’s Values Award Winners

08 April 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

The Headteacher’s Values Award was presented to  Will James and Jay Birkbeck, in Year 7.

Will and Jay were jointly nominated by Miss Spittlehouse, who wrote: “Will and Jay have been a tremendous example of Richmond School students upholding and demonstrating our school values perfectly. During a written task in the Development unit, Will had gone above and beyond to assist Jay. The boys were challenged to write an explanatory passage of the development stages of Kenya’s population change. During the task the boys worked together to produce excellent written work and even opted to take their books home to complete another paragraph! Will and Jay communicated perfectly, with Will writing sections and Jay filling in the facts for Will as they went.

“The boys are not from the same friendship group and took it upon themselves to work together in this way and this is not the first time the boys have shown excellent teamwork and strong independence to the guidance from me and they should be very proud of their achievements this term, as I certainly am.”

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