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Headteacher’s Values Award winner: Charlie Miller

09 January 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

The Headteacher’s Values Award was presented to Charlie Miller, Year 10 student.

Charlie was nominated by Mr Birdsall who said: “Having taught Charlie since Year 7, I have seen a major change and development in him as he has gone through his journey at Richmond School. Charlie joined us in Drama for his programme of study during Year 9, half-way through the academic year. This is where I saw Charlie change. Charlie was independent and proactive in catching up on all the work that had been taught already and immediately showed excellence within the subject. In summer last year, Charlie performed his first ever public performance and was given a major role in the production of ‘The Roses of Eyam’. Charlie rose to the occasion and pushed himself out of his comfort zone as he performed his debut.

“Charlie is a major part of Richmond School Theatre Company and is taking part in our One Act submission to the One Act Drama Festival. During a recent rehearsal, I would have been lost without him. He was my right-hand man and was there to do any jobs that I needed him to do.

“Charlie is now a student leader and at the performance at the drama showcase Charlie stood in the freezing cold, welcoming the parents to their seats with his cheeky charm – again without having been asked. It is so lovely to see the youngest students in Richmond School Theatre Company look up to Charlie and seeing him comfort and mentor the Year 7s in their first performance was heart-warming. I know Charlie will do himself and the school proud in his new role as a student leader.”

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