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Headteacher’s Values Award winner: Bethany Wray

18 December 2019  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

The Headteacher’s Values Award was presented to Bethany Wray. Mrs James nominated Bethany for her excellent artwork and how she has embodied the values of independence, resilience and creativity in her studies.

Mrs James said: “I would like to nominate Bethany Wray in Year 11. She has embodied the values of Independence, Resilience and Creativity in her work in Year 11. Bethany has worked doggedly on her Art PPE preparation and coursework improvements throughout this term. She has quietly and systematically redone large elements of her work of her own accord to ensure they achieve a higher grade.

“The refreshing and admirable aspect of this is that she is totally independently undertaking these tasks, consistently working through elements she is dissatisfied with on a weekly basis outside of school. Bethany works with focus and determination in and out of school with little or no fuss and never uses any of the usual excuses we hear from some students when asked to improve work that is already done. She deserves some recognition for her exemplary attitude and work ethic and also for her amazing ability to store all the advice she has been given and act upon it so thoroughly.”

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