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Headteacher’s Values Award Winner

23 August 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

The Headteacher’s Values Award was presented to Joshua Jessop, in Year 8.

We apologise for the delay in sharing this fabulous news.  Joshua wasn’t in school at the end of term but we were delighted that he was able to come into school during the summer break to have his photograph taken.

Joshua was nominated by Miss Weir, who wrote: “Today I was supervising sports day. I witnessed many, many examples of excellence, teamwork, respect and resilience that would be worthy of a nomination for the Headteacher’s Value Award. Students stepped up to the mark to represent their tutor group, tackled challenges with determination and supported and cheered each other on.  One student, however, stood out for me. I would like to nominate Joshua Jessop from 8 Miller for the HTVA. I was watching the Year 8 boys 300m when I could see a student running at the end of the pack. As they were far away, it took a while for me, and the students around me, to realise that it was Joshua running. Up went loud cheering, clapping and encouragement for this amazing, determined young man.  Joshua ran all the way around the 300m at his own pace. He did not let anything stop him.  As someone who also has a family history of Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, I found myself shouting, cheering, clapping my hands over my head and tears in my eyes (thanks also to the Year 8 students who checked if I was ok). Although I do not teach Joshua this year, I was so proud watching him “being the best he could be”.  He took part in sports day. Joshua could have opted out of the track events or chosen the shortest distance but he didn’t. It may not be an amazing academic achievement, great sporting triumph or creative masterpiece but it is what we all come to work for: to allow the students to be the best they can be.”

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