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Headteacher’s Values Award

22 March 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

The Headteacher’s Values Award was presented to Izzy Lundberg, in Year 12.

Izzy was nominated by Miss Dutton, who wrote: “I would like to nominate Izzy for the Headteacher’s Values Award this week. Izzy is a talented linguist and this week her film studies homework on the film Das Leben der Anderen shows real depth of thought as well as exceptional language ability. She demonstrates clear analysis of key scenes in the film and is using highly sophisticated German literature terminology – language that is very rarely seen in students of AS ability as the work would not be out of place at degree level.

“Izzy possesses exceptional study skills and the time she invests in her German studies is making a real impact on the accuracy of her work. She always strives to be the best she can be and is certainly keeping me and Mrs Cheesbrough on our toes in terms of grammatical knowledge and language.”



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