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Headteacher’s CREDIT Values Award winner

10 January 2023  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

The Headteacher’s CREDIT Values Award was presented to Alfie, in Year 9.

Alfie was nominated by Mr Wilson who wrote: “Alfie asked if he could show students who had missed out on using the forge recently, how to carry out the annealing of copper. Alfie clearly and methodically showed the first student how do it safely, and then supervised that instruction being passed on from one student to the next. Alfie then came up with the idea of having the final student instruct him, so that he knew that the skill had been passed on accurately. This was done without benefit to his own work, but simply out of kindness to others and a keen interest in the subject matter. I cannot begin to say how proud I was to stand back and watch him at work.”

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