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Headteacher’s CREDIT Values Award winner

07 March 2023  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

The Headteacher’s CREDIT Values Award was presented to Alice Brown, in Year 13.

Alice was nominated by Ms Dunwoodie who said: “Alice has completed a fantastic EPQ project that reflects a level of maturity and intellectual insight way beyond her years. Alice has created a 20-minute-long film montage and essay regarding the representation of AIDS and the impact of the queer cinema movement. For someone so young, her insight into such a sensitive subject area is phenomenal. Alice had to watch many films, television programmes and articles, navigating through a range of perspectives in order to share the true power and impact cinema can have on people, representation and culture.

I truly believe that Alice will become a hugely influential film and television creator herself in the future and I know she will use this to have a positive impact in the world. Well done Alice and it is a privilege to watch you develop and grow during your time at Richmond School and Sixth Form College.”

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