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Headteacher’s Credit Values Award

13 December 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

The Headteacher’s CREDIT Values Award was presented to Poppy Mortimer, In Year 13.

Poppy was nominated by Miss Manning who wrote: “I would like to nominate Poppy for her endless hard work helping Mr Birdsall and me prepare for Alice in Wonderland. Poppy has taken on a number of roles in the past few weeks. She has shown creativity, excellence and independence in creating the many backdrops used in the show, the incredible hand painted umbrellas for the Cheshire Cat and the magically growing door. She has also assisted in directing a number of scenes and worked backstage as a stage hand to keep the show running smoothly.

“On top of all of that, Poppy unquestioningly stepped up to play the Turtle at short notice due to a cast illness with only 15 minutes before the show was due to open. Her dedication shows her resilience, determination and teamwork. We honestly could not have produced a show of such quality without her and we will be forever grateful!

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