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Green Careers Week

09 November 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Welcome to Green Careers Week! Dedicated to celebrating and promoting real opportunities for young people into careers to help our planet move towards net zero

Led by National Careers Week, in partnership with a wide range of organisations including the Met Office, the Natural History Museum, The Royal Society,, UK Space Agency, and WWF, Green Careers Week there is a host of information available on how young people can get actively involved in careers that focus on positive environmental impact and change.”

The project raises aspiration, supports diversity, challenges stereotypes, and promotes real opportunities for young people to have a career that will genuinely make a difference. Discover careers, jobs, roles and career pathways that are green careers and develop green skills. You can find out more by visiting the Green Careers Week website and parents can access the Parents Guide here.


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