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Grace scouted for FA Girls’ Talent Club

24 March 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

It is fantastic news for Grace Dobson, in Year 8, who has been scouted for two FA Girls’ Talent Clubs – Teesside RTC and Durham RTC. Grace’s potential was spotted by the clubs which help the next generation of female football stars to flourish, and has a track record of producing female footballers of international calibre.

Grace has been playing football since she was eight-years-old, when she came home from primary school and asked if she could go to football training in Leyburn. The rest, as they say, is history!  Grace swiftly developed a passion for football, playing in the Leyburn boys’ team until she was ten, when she moved to Aycliffe boys’ team for a season. She then signed for Darlington Quakers girls’ team where she currently plays left wing and has already scored over 70 goals in the league. She currently trains with the Quakers twice a week, plays football every Saturday and has never missed a match or a training session.

Since being selected by the FA Talent Clubs, Grace’s training commitment has increased to four sessions each week.

A Sunderland supporter through and through, Grace says: “I really can’t get enough of football, if I’m not training or playing in matches then I’m keeping up with what’s going on with Sunderland, watching as many of their games as I can. I was over the moon to be selected for the FA Girls’ Talent Club and I love having the opportunity to play more often. I am most grateful to the Quakers and Stockton Town FC for the support they give me, I am learning so much and improving my game all the time.”

The RTC focuses on individual player development and provides girls with high-quality coaching and support. Players attend two football training sessions each week with additional strength and conditioning and/or movement and technical skill development sessions and fulfil a fixture programme in a range of age categories

Lesley Abbey, Lead Teacher for PE, said: “It is wonderful to hear of the fabulous progress that Grace is making. To be scouted by the FA Girls’ Talent Club is an amazing achievement and reflects on how much effort, time and passion that Grace puts into the sport.  I have no doubt that her talent will continue to grow with the great support and coaching she is receiving from her clubs.”


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