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Goose on the loose!

19 November 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

On Saturday, a small gaggle of geese was spotted en route to the sports hall attempting to gain entry. It was thought they may have wanted to use the astroturf for a game of five-a-side, however they wandered towards the sports fields and spent the next five days pecking around the site, unfazed by the students.

The geese appeared to be domesticated and local word went around but nobody reported any missing. Wetheriggs Animal Rescue Centre, from nearby Greta Bridge, confirmed this and dispatched Lorna and former pupil Megan to round them up. Despite Lorna becoming outmanoeuvred at one point and face planting into the ground, the ladies made quick work of the round-up and the geese are now on their way to Wetheriggs to peck around their paddock. A massive thank you to Lorna and Megan. You can find out more about the fantastic work of Wetheriggs HERE

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