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Getting set for the Census – this is our story

22 March 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Our Year 7, 8 and 9 Geographers have enjoyed finding out about the   Census. The Census is carried out every ten years in the UK with the aim of providing a snapshot of life, which can be used by organisations to help make sure they provide the right services for people.

After learning about the history of the Census and how and why it is carried out, the students were tasked with explaining the importance of the Census in terms of local, regional and national-scale governmental decisions.

In a second lesson, the students reviewed key results from the 2011 Census and wrote about how the demographic of Richmondshire is unique from the overall UK average.  They then worked on a project where they had to imagine they were Boris Johnson and present what they would include in the Census, considering the impact of Conservative leadership since 2010.

In the third lesson, the students investigated key events from the last decade, such as Brexit, the Syrian crisis and Coronavirus, and how they may have impacted on the UK population over the last ten years. They discussed the challenges that lay ahead for the Government and how the results of the 2021 Census may guide policies. In addition, the students considered issues such as the reskilling of the population to fill roles left by loss of migrant labour and also increased protection for elderly people.

During a group task, the students set down their agenda for Richmond School and its story for the future. They talked about the school’s great work in the community as well as the importance of its values of creativity, excellence, independence, respect, resilience and teamwork.  They also discussed what they would like for the future, including fair trade and fair wages, more funding for the NHS and for the country to be more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Miss Spittlehouse, Geography Teacher, said: “Over the course of the three Census lessons, the pupils were enthusiastic and fascinated by the prospect of a national survey happening on 21st March. It was brilliant to see what the pupils already knew about the Census but also how keen they were to be involved with the process. The Year 7s were especially engaged with one task in particular. They had to imagine they were the Prime Minister and write a speech explaining what they would pledge to the country. Great discussion and debate ensued and there were some fantastic answers – we may have found a future PM!

“The pupils’ knowledge of current affairs astounded me and we had a wonderful time learning about the importance of the Census for the coming years in such a turbulent time.”


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