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From Swaledale Alliance to York St John University

08 October 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Giselle Bacon left Richmond Sixth Form College in July 2019, after studying A-Levels in English Language, English Literature, and Classics. She was very keen to go into a career in Primary Education and decided to take a gap year and study for the Swaledale Alliance CACHE Level 3 Teaching Assistant programme, which gives experience in a primary school and a qualification as a teaching assistant.

Giselle was able to study part-time and carry out her work experience in a primary school.   Giselle says: “I was treated like a member of staff and had the same responsibilities as the other teaching assistants in the school.  The teachers I worked with were very supportive and I felt able to achieve my full potential. I was given many different opportunities throughout the school year, such as working with small groups, whole classes and helping with the school play.  My mentor was extremely friendly and gave my plenty of helpful advice for developing my skills.”

Giselle was also able to have a part-time job, complete the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, and learn to drive during the year, all of which helped her to prepare for the next steps in her career.

Giselle added: “The Swaledale Alliance course has helped me greatly.  I am sure that including this course in my Personal Statement for university really helped me. When being interviewed, I was able to talk about my experiences on the Teaching Assistant course, and it also meant that I was completely sure that primary teaching was the career I wanted to pursue. I would highly recommend this course to any student who wishes to have a teaching career, or any career that involves working with children.”

Ms Mannion, Careers Leader, commented: “We are so impressed with Giselle, her self-motivation, resilience, and her determination to succeed.  She has now started a degree in Primary Education at York St John University and we wish her every success.”

Giselle is pictured on her first day in her halls of residence.

Details of the course with the Swaledale Alliance can be found HERE



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