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Former students rock as The !EXXTRAS

05 November 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Five former students, who were friends at Richmond Sixth Form College, have stayed together through The !EXXTRAS, a band they put together in February.  Chris Gilbert, Joel Nesbit, Joe Weaver, Will Shepherd and Nathan O’Connor, are the band members and they have just released ‘Porcelain’, their second single.

Chris said: ‘We have been good friends since being together at college and all just seem to get each other’s ideas which is perfect for writing and performing together.  It really helps that we know each other so well. We all have different inspirations, from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Pantera, so there are a number of influences coming through in our music, all deeply rooted in the heavy rock genre, which we love. As well as performing our own songs, our playlist also includes covers of bands such as Metallica, Anti-Nowhere League and Rage Against the Machine.

You can find out more about our music at “

As the band members are studying and working in different parts of the country, rehearsing has been challenging since lockdown but they have managed to work together virtually to create new songs and material.  Chris is currently studying Music Production at Leeds Conservatoire, Joe is studying Music and Maths at the University of Leeds, Joel is reading Classics at Cambridge, Nathan is studying maths at Norwich University, and Will is working full time.

Joel is the lead singer, Chris and will play guitar, Nathan is on bass and Joe is the drummer.  The lyrics are all written by Joel but the band’s music has all stemmed from one idea that someone brings to a rehearsal and then everyone chips in with their part.

Chris concluded: “The current Covid restrictions are making it difficult for us to play together but it’s giving us time to come up with new ideas for our next songs. We can’t wait until we are able to perform live on stage again.”

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