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Finlay stars with leading world-famous 8-Bit Big Band!

02 June 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Finlay McKechnie enjoyed his debut performance with The 8-Bit Big Band, the internationally acclaimed jazz and pop orchestra. The Year 11 student was invited to join the virtual group after responding to a post on the band’s Instagram.  Musicians from across the globe performed an arrangement of ‘Lifelight’ as the very first-ever Big Band Virtual Community Orchestra.  You can listen to the fabulous recording here

Finlay said: “The band has been around for many years, led by Charles Rosen, the composer and conductor of the band.  Their first album ‘Press Start’, featuring jazz versions of music from video games such as Mario and The Legend of Zelda, was released in 2018. The majority of performers in the recording are professional musicians so it was a huge privilege to play alongside them and I really enjoyed performing with an ensemble of this size.

“It was great fun playing more challenging music, especially as it was video game music.  The band has played all over the world, including the Sydney Opera House, however they mostly perform in and around New York.  The video features two special guests, who are both famous YouTube musicians – one is Adam Neely, who plays bass guitar and has played for his band ‘Aberdeen’, who toured worldwide in 2019 as ‘musical ambassadors’. Aberdeen also happens to be my favourite band of all time!”

Finlay is an accomplished saxophonist and plays soprano, alto, tenor and baritone varieties. His favourite is the baritone saxophone.

Mr Boyd, Lead Teacher for Music, added: “In school, Finlay is a wonderfully talented and enthusiastic musician, a member of just about every ensemble he can be. During the lockdown, Finlay has continued his terrific involvement online with some tremendous collaborations with world renowned musicians. His latest venture with the 8 Bit Big Band is further testimony to Finlay’s dedication and love of music-making, ultimately bringing joy to all who listen!”

Find out more about the world-famous 8-Bit Band here

We look forward to hearing more about Finlay’s virtual musical experiences, following his earlier performance with the Showcase Musical School’s Virtual Orchestra


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