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Fantastic Foley sounds by creative Year 7 students

04 February 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

In Drama, the Year 7s have been looking at Foley sounds and the purpose of a Foley artist. After reading a short extract on ‘The Tempest’ they were given the stimulus of a storm at sea. They had to create a soundscape using objects they found around the home to try and create a realistic scene. Miss Heslop said: “I had some very creative submissions. But Scarlet and Lara went above and beyond, really showing a skill for creative Foley sounds. Scarlet drew, edited and created a short film using sounds she had recorded, which you can enjoy here at SCARLET’S FOLEY SOUNDS   Lara created and recorded eight sounds depicting a convincing storm and I’m very proud with how well Scarlet and Lara have progressed in Drama, they have a natural talent!”

Foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to films, videos, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality. These reproduced sounds, named after sound-effects artist Jack Foley, can be anything from the swishing of clothing and footsteps to squeaky doors and breaking glass.





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