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Fantastic creative media work experience for Natalie

08 July 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Congratulations to Natalie Muxworthy, in Year 10, who gained a three-day virtual work placement in Creative Media. Natalie is the only student to have done such an extended placement as these are very often over-subscribed.

The placement was with the High Tide Foundation in Teesside. High Tide creates opportunities for young people to enhance their career education. The foundation has experience in providing `life- changing` work experience to young people and the opportunities cover a range of different sectors.

Natalie’s placement was in Creative Media, the industry responsible for all the TV shows we watch, video games we play and adverts we see everywhere. Tees Valley hosts some of the world leaders in Creative Media and is a real hub for the industry in the North of England.

To gain a place, Natalie had to answer the question “What would you create if you were given £100,000 tomorrow?”

Natalie’s response was:”I would want to think about how I can make the most of the opportunity. I would like to use the money to create something that would help people in the long-term. I would use the money to create a businesss, such as a food bank or a clean, safe camping/housing ground for the homeless. I would also spend the money on putting myself into the best position to help more people in the future, possibly going to college to learn things which I could turn into a career where I could achieve another £100,000.”

High Tide were clearly impressed with this and offered her a place on this very competitive course.

Natalie said: “I really loved the experience. As well as learning about the media industry, it was really interesting to meet people from around the country who have similar interests. It lasted three days, and on each of the days we had two 1-hour talks from people who grew up locally and are now major in the media industry. I particularly liked the talk by Owain Brennan about social media management, and also Mark Easby’s talk about branding.
“Throughout the course, they kept putting their emails in the chat so we could send in various pieces of our work (if we wanted) as well as our CVs for the experts to read over and give us feedback on. I particularly liked how the talks were very niche, yet they would make sure to explain to us how the skills from each aspect were applicable to practically any job within the media industry. For example, the first talk was from Dom Lusardi, who works with VR and video and games, but he spoke about how different parts of the industry link to create the final product (eg a video game requires a branding manager, programmers, artists, marketing specialists, etc).

“After each talk we had some time to work in small groups of about five and apply the knowledge we had gained from the talks to our “businesses”. Each group had to come up with a business idea and develop it over the course of three days. My group’s idea was a video game streaming service. Overall I think the experience was amazing and gave me such a better understanding of the media industry in a way that they don’t really talk about elsewhere.”

Ms Mannion, Careers Leader added “Natalie is so professional and determined. She is considering a career in Film and Media and this course has helped her to have an insight into the industry and a very impressive CV.”

You can find out more about High Tide HERE.

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