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Exceptional dance city workshop offers advanced training opportunities

17 May 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Students from Years 7-12 took part in a taster workshop for a Centre of Advanced Training (CAT) scheme offered by Dance City in Newcastle. This included students who have shown excellent skills in lessons relating to the speed of picking up movement, creative work and performing in class that enabled 22 of our dancers to access this workshop. The scheme allows students to gain an insight to the demands of professional dancing and offers advanced training to help prepare participants for skills needed to be successful within the arts industry. Students from 10 to 16 years old who enjoyed the taster session are encouraged to audition for the scheme. The auditions will take place on 3rd June 2021, from 10:30-1:15 or 1:30-4:15, Dance City Newcastle. Further information can be found at DANCE CITY CAT SCHEME

Nicola O’Malley, Dance teacher, said: “The workshop was a great way for students to understand what would be expected when joining the CAT scheme. They were pushed to their limits with a challenging technical phrase of movement to learn, to demonstrate creative skills within a three-minute time frame and then perform confidently to the leader after just a short amount of rehearsal time. The students involved thoroughly enjoyed the content of the class and were able to keep up with a challenge thrown at them throughout the half-hour workshop. I am very proud to say how many talented dancers we have at Richmond School and Sixth Form College and I wish them the best of luck in being successful during the audition process. Well done and let’s ‘keep dancing and working towards your dreams’.

Contemporary dance training at the Dance City Centre for Advanced Training includes:
• A minimum of seven hours of training, split over three classes per week.
• The choice to attend your two mid-week classes in Darlington or Newcastle. Mid-week classes cover contemporary technique and classical ballet.
• All CAT students attend weekend classes at Dance City in Newcastle. Weekend classes cover contemporary techniques, creative movement, and body conditioning.
• Regular opportunities to perform in the Dance City Theatre.
• Two intensive, week-long dance workshops each year (during school holidays) with a guest teacher or choreographer.
• Opportunities to attend workshops with leading dance companies and guest teachers.
• Organized theatre trips to see leading dance companies.
• Regular support for the prevention and management of injuries.
• Termly progress reports from teachers.
• Individual mentor support and mid-year tutorials.
• Advice and guidance during the application process for vocational training.

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