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Representatives from Richmond School Eco Club attended an awards ceremony in Harrogate recently,  following a nomination for a North Yorkshire Community Action Award within the ‘Caring For The Environment’ category. 

This year saw the introduction of this category which recognises those who dedicate their time to care for the environment. The Eco Club was one of 147 nominees in the awards across the three categories.

North Yorkshire Council’s chair, Cllr. David Ireton, said: “We are pleased to celebrate the achievements of the many individuals, groups and businesses who go the extra mile to help their communities.

This award recognises groups who have demonstrated a commitment to delivering community-based initiatives that protect, restore and enhance our natural environment, helping to tackle the causes and impacts of climate change or supporting nature to thrive.

With many households feeling the crunch during the cost-of-living crisis, it’s great to see people come together to support the most vulnerable in North Yorkshire.

This year also sees an emphasis on protecting our environment, and we have recognised the brilliant work that goes on to tackle climate change.”

After the ceremony, Connie Spittlehouse, who runs Eco Club, said: “Richmond School Eco Club were proud runners up in the award, winning a prize of £250! 

During the ceremony a video was played with information about the group and the work we’ve been doing in the local community. 

It was a fantastic event and the students loved getting to meet all the other nominees doing incredible work across our region. It was great to see ‘Sustainable Swaledale’ take first prize – we already have good links with them. We came home very humbled and inspired to have been nominated and with lots of links within the community we would like to continue our work with.”

The success of Eco Club at the awards has prompted North Yorkshire County Council to create a new category especially for schools – we look forward to playing a leading role in the future!

We are immensely proud of all the work the Eco Club does and are privileged to have such a wonderful community supporting us. Well done Richmond School Eco Club!

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