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Ebony is an inspiration to us all during lockdown

23 February 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Ebony’s resilience and excellence during lockdown demonstrates to all of us how important it is for our wellbeing to make the most of our time by improving our skills and trying out new interests. Not only has Year 7 Ebony continued to be a dedicated and and hard-working student with the change to remote learning, but she is also impressing her teachers with activities she is doing outside of school, finding ways to keep herself active and making sure she does things that she enjoys.  A keen baker, Ebony has been making delicious cakes, scones, biscuits and brioche, to name a few.  She has also developed a keen interest in photography and she still finds time to dance!

Miss Heslop said: “I’m very proud of Ebony’s commitment to her studies and how independent she is towards all aspects of her life, both in and out of school. She has highlighted how important it is for us all to look after our mental health by finding time to do the things we love. She is an inspiration to everyone.”

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