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Drama Llamas impress with scary showcase – don’t miss their video!

09 November 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

The Year 7 Drama Llamas’ debut performance was a scary affair!  Their impressive showcase demonstrated how this newly-formed group have worked together incredibly well to create a stunning production that really highlights their creative flair and teamwork. Don’t miss their show which you can watch HERE

With only four rehearsals under their belt, the students, under the direction of Miss Paul, came up with much of the content themselves, working out their lines and creating the Halloween theme.

Miss Paul said: “The students were provided with a poem as their stimulus and have worked together, whilst contributing a range of ideas to develop the script and use it to devise a performance. They have practised a range of skills and techniques such as freeze frames, narration, body language, facial expression, levels, vocal skills and much more, all in the aim to build tension.”

Unfortunately, the drama Year7, 8 and 9 drama clubs are suspended during the lockdown period but Miss Paul is looking forward to meeting again as soon as it is possible.  Miss Paul concluded: “I am so disheartened that unfortunately the Drama Llamas has been suspended, however I look forward to reuniting and creating more amazing theatre in the lead up to Christmas. Well done team!”

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