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Daniel focuses on Material Science at Cambridge University

10 June 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Congratulations to Daniel Baines, in Year 12, has been awarded a place on the very competitive EDT Headstart course at the University of Cambridge to study Materials Science for a week. Daniel is one of only 34 students from across the UK who were offered places.

As the course cannot go ahead, due to Covid-19 restrictions, Daniel will be engaging with some online activities through the University. This will include webinars on atomic structure, mechanical properties, and biomedical  materials.

What is Materials Science? Materials Science is an interdisciplinary subject, which combines elements of physics, chemistry, engineering and biology.  It is the study of how the properties of a material are affected by its structure and the way it has been processed, and the subject has applications in every aspect of our daily lives, from computer chips to prosthetics and from buildings to clean energy.

To apply, the course asked for a good understanding of Maths, the highest academic grades and a passionate interest in science which Daniel demonstrated in his application.

Daniel said: “This course is undoubtedly a great opportunity for all involved.  Since I am still very much undecided as to what area of expertise I would like to go into in the future, and I am keen to develop my knowledge into a field of work that is only just recently becoming more important than ever, what with solving the ever growing problem of climate change.”

Ms Mannion, Careers Leader commented: “Daniel did so well to be selected for this course and he should feel proud of this and I know that the attributes he clearly demonstrated will help him with his UCAS application.”


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