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02 May 2017  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Our College students presented ‘Seeking Refuge’ at the Georgian Theatre, a Year 13 graduating show to remember.   Set against the backdrop of war and global conflict, the original piece explored the differences between the respective refugee crises of World War II and the current conflicts in Syria and Iraq.   Two hard-hitting performances by Rhiannon Tuite, Angharad Warren and Fran Summers told of the struggle of the people of Raqqa who have been Tweeting to the world, unsure whether they will survive the battle around them.   Assistant Headteacher for Community Arts, Ian Henderson, said: “We gave the students the stimulus from which they had to devise a response. The resulting performance was poignant, powerful and insightful as to the views of young people on adult issues such as the Middle East, war and providing refuge.”   Angharad said: “It is fascinating to look at the refugee issue caused by the Second World War and how the current crisis is being handled today – why have attitudes changed?”

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