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Celebrating National School Sport Week: 19th-25th June

17 June 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

We are really looking forward to celebrating National School Sport Week. Please spare a few minutes to watch Miss Abbey’s fabulous assembly which tells you how our students can benefit from the many activities taking place at school, as well discovering the huge difference sport can make to their mental health, confidence and concentration. You can watch the assembly HERE

Staff were asked to share their memories of sport in school so enjoy hearing the experiences of Ms Johnson, Miss Wareham, Mrs Roberts, Miss Thornton, Mrs Mannion, Mrs Potter, Mr Stanford, Mr Coldwell and Miss Paul.
Next week, please keep your eyes peeled for a series of sport-related news,  including some fascinating stories from our alumni.

Miss Abbey said: “Created by the children’s charity, the Youth Sport Trust in 2008, the week-long celebration will champion the return of youth sport and its power to bring people back together. Although we cannot give our students the full sports day experience, where we have all the year groups down on the field taking part, we want to give them the opportunity to make some great memories and bring them all together.”

Find out more about National School Sport Week HERE

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