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Cameron is back in gear

02 July 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Enduro-racing champion, Cameron Baker Haste in Year 10, is back in gear after recovering from an injury to his hand that put him out of action for more than two months.

In February, Cameron injured himself on the first corner from the start line of a race when, in spite of having a great pace and good rhythm, he got his back wheel caught in a deep rut with a rock in and the flip from the back wheel made him come off. Landing on his hand, he tried to pick his bike up but soon realised his was unable to ride and noticed his finger was pointing in the wrong direction. His eldest brother, Nicholas, was on hand and supported him, while his mum tried to get there. Cameron was escorted off the track on a quad bike with paramedics to be assessed and given gas and air to control the pain. Unfortunately, they to cut his new Leatt glove, given by his sponsors. He had dislocated his little finger with a possible fracture. Cameron had his finger pulled back in to its place in the ambulance under gas and air which was rather painful, but needed to go to hospital for an x-ray to have it confirmed. The gas and air worked a treat and once strapped up, he wanted to go and watch his brother Oliver finish the race so took paracetamol and Ibuprofen to keep him going until he went to hospital.

Cameron had not only dislocated his finger but also snapped it at the bottom near his knuckle and was put in a cast as big as a hockey stick and advised not to use his hand for nine weeks. During this recovery time, the awful virus Covid-19 fell in Cameron’s favour, with all racing and practising put on hold.

Cameron’s main sponsor, Edge Offroad, has taken all measures to keep the public safe with no riding and no events. The first playday practice was when the government allowed riding as a form of exercise. Some motor clubs have been fortunate to re-open and are adhering to strict guidelines set by the government.

Cameron has worked hard to keep to his fitness routine once his hand allowed him to and he has had a few days out and his hand is recovering slowly, but aches at times and is still stiff. He is now waiting for confirmation from the government on whether racing can start again from 4th July with Edge Offroad. It has been a strange time, but Cameron is very much looking forward to get back to where he was before his injury and lockdown.

Cameron has managed well mentally to deal with his injury and the frustration of not been able to do what he loves. He said: “I was really disappointed when I injured my hand and was out of action for a while, especially as I had been doing so well in the National Cross Country Championship, with Edge Offroad. My hand is still stiff but it is improving and I am regaining strength – it’s great to be able to get out on my bike again and back to my training schedule. I can’t wait until we are allowed to start competing again.”

As the Covid-19 situation continues, there has recently been some relaxation in restrictions so as his hand is recovering, Cameron is now able to train at main sponsor’s Edge Offroad play days, local training grounds, MX tracks and to other enduro motor club tracks. A lot of races have been cancelled this year but it is hoped some may be able to go ahead.

Photography: Thanks to Ulrika Baker-Haste and Jim Forsyth Photography

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