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Calling students to take part in the ARETÉ Physics challenge – space exploration

06 May 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

This year sees the launch of our first Physics Challenge and we ask you to research and present a scientific topic within the field of space exploration, namely the Perseverance mission that has just landed on Mars.

The task

Develop a presentation, essay or activity (you could use a model or experimental evidence to support your explanations) on your chosen topic, suitable for students of your age. You are encouraged to make links between the different branches of science as space explorations bring many specialists together working as a team to share their knowledge. Quantitative elements such as mathematical equations and calculations are also encouraged.

Possible topics could be:
● Designing and engineering the module
● Communicating with the rover
● Launching & landing the rover
● Surface operations of the rover e.g. finding rocks that provide evidence of microbial life; the possibility of producing oxygen from the Martian atmosphere to support future human missions

Here are some websites to get you started:

Your challenge entry should include:
A presentation, essay or activity in the form of a written document.
The layout should be clear, with diagrams /pictures where appropriate.
Scientific content is more important than presentation.

REMEMBER to include your name, school and year group.
CLOSING DATE is Friday 4th June.
WINNERS ANNOUNCED and prizes awarded in the week beginning Monday
28th June. Prizes will be awarded for the winners in each category (KS 3, 4 and 5).

The challenge is open to students in all year groups, in all three Areté Schools – Stokesley, Northallerton and Richmond

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