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Brilliant Bollywood choreography by Year 7s

10 December 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

We are so impressed with the enthusiasm and talent of our Year 7 students who have really embraced the Bollywood Dance style. You may remember that Haris Ali, in Year 7,  recently won the Headteacher’s Values award for his enthusiasm in sharing his passion and experience of Bollywood-style dancing with his peers in class.

We caught up with Haris as he led his tutor group in preparation for their forthcoming dance assessment.  He gave direction and inspiration to his fellow Year 7 students in creating an ‘action and reaction’ phrase to the performance to create complexity and challenge.  The class split into two groups and Macey Carter led the second group, confidently instructing them on moves and actions. Their two pieces of choreography were then combined to create a finale to their Bollywood dance. We hope you enjoy watching it HERE. 

Mrs O’Malley, Dance teacher, said: ”It has been wonderful to involve Haris and Macey in the delivery of the dance lessons and they have been a huge inspiration to the class. I have been so impressed with their approach and maturity, they not only commanded the respect of their peers but created some fabulous moves to complete the dance.”

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