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Bridging the gap from GCSE to A-level – don’t miss this great opportunity

26 May 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

A Bridging Work Programme has been developed for our students who are planning to join us in Sixth Form.  The programme ‘bridges the gap’ between GCSE and post-16 study to give students a flavour of the type of work they will be covering. The transition from GCSE to post-16 study can be a challenging one, and we want to provide students with as much support as we can. The study skills required of a successful student are varied, and involve students taking an active role in their progression and development. We firmly believe that getting off to a good start will aid students on their journey to success, allowing them to develop into independent and responsible learners. When studies commence in September, students will be expected to have completed the Bridging Work in each of the subjects they have chosen to study.

Completing the Bridging Work prepares students for those subjects that they have chosen so they can start positively and ‘hit the ground running’. Departments have put together a range of tasks to complete prior to students starting their chosen courses. These vary in nature from course to course. It might involve learning some basics, reviewing some fundamental GCSE ideas, some reading or some research. This should be undertake with diligence and an open mind, as the first step in the new post-16 journey.

Our aim in Sixth Form is to support students to further develop all of our six core values- Independence, Excellence, Resilience, Creativity, Respect and Teamwork.  The Bridging Work Programme is important part of this.

For more information on how to access the Bridging Work, please email Sandra Johnson at 

To find out more about our Sixth Form Transition process visit Sixth Form Transition


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