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Beth Farrow, in Year 11, only took up archery seriously in April 2022 and within six months she has progressed from a beginner to Junior Master Bowman, and has represented North Yorkshire and won all four competitions she has entered!

This is an incredible turn of events for Beth, who most recently scooped first place in the Under 18s Annual Inter-counties’ Final, a competition which includes the five regions that make up Northern England.

Beth is a member of Scorton Archers and shoots the recurve style bow, which is the style that was used at the Olympics.  Beth’s goals for the first year where quite modest; to have some fun, learn how to shoot and get stronger so she could shoot the longer distances and maybe even go a competition with the hopes of winning a medal. However, she very quickly surpassed all of those!

The first competition she entered, the Durham and Northumberland Region Junior Championships, was in July and despite going up against more experienced archers, she won it outright! She went on to win the next two competitions too and the scores she shot earned her the classification of “Junior Master Bowman”, the highest classification available to a junior archer. These competitions last all day, involve shooting over 150 arrows and can be a real test of endurance and also mental strength – trying to keep focus and concentration when things are not always going well. Those scores also earned her a place on the Yorkshire team for the annual Inter-counties Shoot. Beth had moved up to the Under 18s category, having turned 16 just before the competition, yet still managed to shoot further, not only putting her into this new category but also helping Yorkshire to a solid victory overall.

It is phenomenal how in her first year of archery, Beth has made such exceptional progress. In addition, Beth became Lady Club Champion at Scorton, choosing to shoot in the senior category rather than the juniors! This would not have happened without her hard work and effort, training 2-3 times per week and following her coaches advice carefully. It is now the indoor season where Beth will have the chance to compete against archers from across the country at the National Indoor Championships in December and hopefully carry on improving her form for the outdoor season again next year.

Scorton Archers is a very friendly club and welcomes new members, especially families. Beginners courses run through Spring and Summer but anyone interested in taking up archery can add their name to the waiting list now for the next course. Details can be found here and contact is best made through the club secretary:

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