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Are you 16 or over? Fantastic volunteering role with the Wensleydale Railway

11 February 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Are you 16 or over? Are you looking for a great volunteering role to give something back to your community and bring history to life?   Then look no further than the Wensleydale Railway’s Heritage Education Project.  At Leeming Bar Station House, the aim is to transport visitors into a different world by restoring the station to how it would have looked 100 years ago! Think steam engines, whistles and flags on the platform and odd fashion choices. The project will feature a range of rooms: the Station Master’s Parlour, wash room, Parcels Office, Ticket Office, kitchen and Waiting Room. There are loads of ways to take part if you want to be involved in something a little bit different. Training and support will be provided for everyone who volunteers so you can be confident in what you’re doing.  There’s more information below – if you decide you’d like to offer your services as a volunteer then please email: or call 01677 425805.

Ms Mannion, Careers Leader, said: “It is great that there are so many different kinds of  opportunities for students available – whether students are interested in Maths, Science, History, IT, or much more. Thank you to The Wensleydale Railway for offering to support our students with their volunteering.”

Where would I work and how many hours are required?

The work is home-based for now, but will be at Leeming Bar when restrictions allow.  Students can fit their volunteering around what works for them, giving up an hour or two a week, they can use if for Duke of Edinburgh, formal work experience, Scouts or Guides as they’ll receive a personalised training plan so they have a record of what  they’ve done, what skills they’ve learnt and what they’ve achieved. This isn’t just about giving up time and knowledge, it’s about making volunteering matter to show that your contribution is thoroughly valued not just by the Railway but by UCAS and employers too.

What type of work will I do, what interests will work well for this project?

The project will suit a wide range of students with many different interests and skills, for example:

ART, DESIGN AND TEXTILES: CREATIVES AND ARTISTS: There is so much for you to get started as soon as possible! Good with a pair of scissors and handy with a needle? Organising your thing?  They are going to need help with making props and items for the station like costumes and putting together accessible outreach craft boxes for children and adults for our education plan. Bakelite and lino, nylons and other plastics are all coming into general use in this period so anyone who wants to know more about materials or who has an interest in period fashion, sewing/needlework and making clothes would be great.

ADMINISTRATION – Are you detail focused?  Enjoy seeing all your hard work looking neat and tidy. Maybe recording and administration might be for you?

ACTING SKILLS:  Are you good at talking to people? Enjoy sharing what you know with others? Don’t mind a bit of dressing up? They are looking for confident public speakers to be part of their costumed team, welcoming visitors of all kinds to the station (including SEND children and adults with additional needs) and telling them about what life would have been like 100 years ago. This might also include working with groups and schools, and teaching and running activities.  In costume you would be serving customers with a mix of modern tills and original 192’s ticket machines!

MARKETING AND HISTORY: Clipboards away! Public-facing roles asking visitors what they thought and sending out email questionnaires and evaluations.History isn’t just what happened in a book. It’s people.’ This is a hugely important project talking to local people with long memories and asking what they remember of our station. This will involve interviewing the elderly in nursing homes, including encouraging dementia patients to recall their memories. This is a special one!

MATHEMATICIANS AND STATISTICIANS: the number crunchers of this world would be invaluable. They are going to need visual information – graphs and spreadsheets, charts

SUPPORT ROLES:  People who can keep the place up and running – cleaning, tidying, checking everything works, repainting etc. Keeping it all Tickety Boo!

SOCIAL CARE, CHILDCARE AND TEACHING: They need people who want experience in teaching younger children or who want to work with older people or SEND. They are also putting craft and activity boxes together so this could appeal to anyone interested in early years learning.  This could also include science-based people, those who understand mechanics, physics etc. not only for activity design but also to show people how the Post Office functioned (such as weights/measures, to explain to Key Stage 2 students).

You can find out more at WENSLEYDALE RAILWAY VOLUNTEER or follow the FACEBOOK PAGE

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