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Anyone for tennis?

29 April 2022  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Richmond School recently hosted the Richmond cluster Mini Tennis competition. Seven local schools attended the event which catered for pupils from Years 3 to 6. The competitions were supported by the following Year 9 sports leaders; Cara, Hannah, Maggie, Lilyanna, Emily, Beth, Chloe, Tilda, Bella and Lily. The leaders were complimented by many of the visiting staff for their management of the event and the lovely manner in which they communicated with the Primary pupils.

The results were as follows;

Year 3/4 Competition:

  1. Richmond St Marys
  2. Brompton on Swale
  3. Michael Syddall
  4. Bolton on Swale B
  5. Bolton on Swale A

Year 5/ 6 Competition:

  1. Bolton on Swale B
  2. Bolton on Swale A
  3. Richmond St Marys
  4. Michael Syddall
  5. Brompton on Swale
  6. Ravensworth
  7. Barton

Each cluster area then sent their top two teams to the Richmondshire Area final  The event was again successfully led by the year 9 sports leaders. The results were as follows;

Year 3/4 Competition:

  1. Brompton on Swale
  2. Richmond St Marys
  3. Thornton Watlass
  4. Le Cateau
  5. Pickhill
  6. Carnagill

Year 5/6 Competition:

  1. Bolton on Swale A
  2. Thornton Watlass
  3. Bolton on Swale B
  4. Masham
  5. Carnagill
  6. Wavell


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