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Amelia’s Great Richmondshire Bake Off

09 June 2020  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in:

Amelia Woodward, in Year 11, has been keeping busy during lockdown by doing lots of home baking for people in her community.  She has baked a wide variety of cakes and biscuits, tasty treats which everyone is enjoying and appreciating.

Amelia said: “I love baking and lockdown has been the perfect time to do lots of it. I remember Miss Tucker giving me encouragement to keep improving my baking techniques in Food Preparation lessons and it has really motivated me. I wanted to help and put others first.

“Firm favourites have been fairy cakes for the children and apple crumbles for the elderly people. It’s been lovely to make people smile through these difficult times. I also loved making my Mum’s birthday cake. My favourite recipe is for scones, but I’ve also enjoyed making brownies, cookies, roulade, millionaire’s shortbread and lemon drizzle cake.”

Amelia’s friends, family and neighbours have been delighted with their doorstep deliveries.  She also brought joy to her grandparents and friends when she baked a delicious afternoon tea for the VE Day celebrations. Amelia would like to pursue a career in baking and takes inspiration from Bake Offs, Henry and Liam, and, of course, Mary Berry.  She is combining her passion for baking with her love of photography and is putting photographs of her creations into a portfolio.

Nick and Wendy, Amelia’s parents, said: “We are once again proud of Amelia’s hard work and generosity. Amelia loves being in the kitchen and has baked herself out of boredom during the lockdown.”

Hannah Tucker, Food Preparation and Technology teacher, said: “Amelia’s passion for baking is incredible. I am so pleased to see that she is now using her passion to bring some joy to others during this difficult time. Amelia is an excellent baker and I am sure the people that she is delivering to will be delighted with the range of things she has made them. I am very proud of her!”

Amelia is pleased to share her recipe for Grandma’s millionaire’s shortbread which is from an old family recipe.

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