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Here comes double trouble! Introducing Tweedledee and Tweedledum, played by Ruby  and Millie, in Year 13.

 What do you particularly like about your character?

Ruby: My inner personality is shown throughout this character. They are funny, silly and of course Dum. I am able to joke around and have a laugh and not be judged for this. I can be me but also show off my skills I have progressed in this production.

Millie: The cheekiness of the character is something I particularly love, I am able to express my inner self and it makes me more confident to explore my own sense of character by portraying a character that’s fun, outgoing and an all-around comedian.


Have you performed in any shows before, if so, please tell us a little about your experiences?

Ruby: I haven’t had any previous major acting in shows. However, I have performed previously in many dance showcases showing off my skills through multiple styles.. I love performing and just being me. This show has opened a new world for me in acting.

Millie: I have never done acting before which is why I feel so grateful to have this opportunity, I’ve been dancing in shows and competitions since the age of 9 with amazing experiences but being part of this show as a main character has helped my character development massively and provided me with an opportunity to explore new things.


What are you enjoying most about being part of Alice?

Ruby: I love working with my friends and seeing them become these amazing individuals who have the same passion as me. I am so excited to show my family what I actually do at my time at college.

Millie: The sense of community I feel being part of this show is incredible. The family network we have created with the cast and the directors is lovely and makes me feel like I can explore more of my acting potential in a safe space.


What is your favourite moment of the show so far?

 Ruby: Simply me and Millie being us and having a blast whenever we are on stage. It’s just who we are with an extra bit of brotherly love. My other favourite moment is seeing Alice (Georgie) be so amazing at what she does. The future for her is going to be so amazing, she was a born actress, dancer and singer.

Millie: definitely watching the dame (Toby) perform, it brings an overwhelming sense of laughter to everyone in the cast. No matter what mood I’m in, watching Toby’s scenes always cheers me up, his talent is incredible.


Why should you buy a ticket to come and watch Alice and Wonderland?

Ruby: For a bit of fun! At Alice all we want is to make our audience happy. Especially at this moment in time, having fun can be hard, so come along and have a laugh. Become part of the family and enjoy the show. I hope to see you there.

Millie: It would be a fantastic opportunity wasted, the audience could escape reality and join us in the story telling of such an amazing and classic tale loved for so many years. It’s full of laughs and joy. It would truly lift the spirits of the audience members.

PS…. watching the incredible talent of my cast members is something everyone should get the opportunity to experience.

The show runs from 30th November to 2nd December. Tickets are priced £9 for adults, £7 for children (age 16 and under) or £30 for a family ticket (2x adults and 2xchildren). They are available here.


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