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No pantomime is complete without a Dame – introducing Toby, in Year 12, as The Duchess.

What do you particularly like about your character?

I love my character due to the humour and personality I get to embody when I’m wearing my heels.  I also love the dynamic which she and the knave have, the flirtatious humour between the two creates scenes which are full of tongue-and-cheek humour so the audience always get a good laugh. As the dame, I also get a variety of costumes which I love due to their uniqueness and comedic effects.

Have you performed in any shows before, if so, please tell us a little about your experiences?

I’ve done a couple of shows, my first being Peter Pan back in Year 6 when I played Michael. My next performance was in Year 8, in Roses of Eyam, which followed a town during the plague. This was a very different form of theatre for me which grew on me. I liked the serious forms of theatre over anything else. My favourite show was Trouble’s a Brewin’ which I did with a company called PQA. This was a musical theatre play about a town in Southern America during the cowboy period which is suffering from a bank robbery. I played the character Mr Walton, the husband to Mrs Walton and the mastermind behind the robbery in the bank. I performed this musical at the Shaftsbury Theatre in the West End in June 2022.

What are you enjoying most about being part of Alice?

My favourite part is the interactions during rehearsals with the other actors involved with Alice. They are some of the most talented people I’ve met, especially Myles, who is playing the White Rabbit. His comic timing and enthusiastic personality creates an actor who is a joy to act with and brings a whole new sense of energy to the scenes. I love watching the dances in rehearsals due to the level of effort and skill from the ensemble bringing to life our choreographers’ dances and filling the scenes with life and energy.

Why should you buy a ticket to come and watch Alice and Wonderland?

The better question is why would you not – the comedy, dancing and acting will bring so much laughter and who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? I think you should come to see Alice due to it being our first big performance since Covid and the support would be more than welcomed. You also get to see me prancing about on stage in six-inch heels.

The show runs from 30th November to 2nd December. Tickets are priced £9 for adults, £7 for children (age 16 and under) or £30 for a family ticket (2x adults and 2xchildren). They are available here.

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