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A talented artist and actress

25 February 2021  |  Jill Lundberg  |  Posted in: ,

Daisy Chadwick, in Year 12, has impressed us so much with her artwork that we couldn’t resist sharing it with you and we are pleased to present a snapshot of Daisy’s recent work which features some beautiful pieces.  We enjoyed talking to Daisy about her art and you can find out more about her work below.

Although Daisy has an immense flair for Art, she is also a talented actress and is planning a career in the Performing Arts.  Her interest in drama started when she became a member of the Georgian Theatre Royal. It was there that she discovered a love for theatre and musical theatre – especially after performing at the Edinburgh Fringe and experiencing a whole range of theatre. Daisy is very interested in pursuing screen acting as a career and is hoping to study at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. We wish Daisy every success with her plans.

Daisy said: “I usually like to work with graphite and aim for a realistic art style. However, as you can see I have recently explored coloured pencils. The portrait of my younger sister and the church window were both for my A-level Art assignment in which we were working with architecture and portraits. The portrait had to have interesting lighting choices so I decided to take photos of my sister whilst shining a torch at different angles, hence the extreme shadows.

“The drawing of the human back was for an earlier GCSE piece. My theme was ‘rhythm’ and so I looked into the rhythm of the human body. This was especially appealing to me as I have an appreciation for alternative and strange art. The cherries and coloured portrait were personal pieces that I did in my free time. I hadn’t drawn fruit before and so I wanted to explore that and see what I could achieve. The portrait was simply because I wanted to practice coloured pencil and I very much enjoy drawing eyes.  I drew Tyler the Creator, the music artist, having been inspired by the assignment of ‘chiaroscuro’. I wanted to incorporate artists that I admire in my sketchbook and so decided to draw this piece in that style.”

Mrs James, Daisy’s Art teacher said: “Daisy joined Richmond School in Year 12 and has shown outstanding technical ability in her Art A-level work so far. She has an amazing ability to record her observations in a range of materials. While her ambitions lie in the Performing Arts, she is more than capable of pursuing a career in the Visual Arts.


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