Our Vision And Our Values

As a College, our vision statement Being the best we can be drives all that we do.  Its beauty is in its simplicity and it can be applied to everyone involved with the College across a wide range of situations. Underpinning our vision statement, we have a set of six core values that we live by and aim to develop in all our students, staff and other stakeholders. We know that such values are highly regarded in the world of work and in society as a whole. We strive to ensure our students are supported to demonstrate these values so that they can be positive and successful contributors at a local, national and international level. These values are: Creativity, Excellence, Independence, Resilience, Respect and Teamwork.

The values are central to our College and are developed and reinforced in a number of ways:

· Our assembly and tutor-time programme focuses regularly on the values, using case studies, stories, learning activities and input from visiting speakers to reinforce their importance.

· A weekly Headteacher's Values Award is made to the student who has demonstrated the values to an exceptional level.

· Our teaching, learning and staff development programme ensures that our teachers use methods to engage students in developing the values so that they become resilient, creative, respectful, independent learners who are good team players and constantly strive for excellence.