Awards and Rewards at Richmond School

At Richmond School we believe in the importance of praise and reward.

The main form of positive feedback is thrugh verbal praise from teachers. This is often in conjunction with written positive feedback via assessed work.

The School reports on an individual student’s academic progress every term.

All students have one Consultation Evening (Parents’ Evening) a year and this gives an opportunity to sum up a student’s positive performance over the year.

The most frequently used system of formal rewards within the school is Star Performers. Nearly 10,000 of these are awarded per term to students in Years 7 to 11. Star Performers are awarded for a variety of reasons:

  • A student may stand out in a particular lesson because of his/her positive contribution.
  • A student may have submitted a particularly good piece of homework.
  • A student may have attained a relatively high mark in an assessment.
  • A student may have shown consistently good standards over a significant period of time.
  • A student may have made a significant and positive contribution outside of lessons.

Each week the latest totals are given out in assemblies for Star Performers. Students find out which tutor group gained the most Star Performers in the previous week. Students also find out which tutor groups have had the most Star Performers since the start of the academic year. At the end of each term we issue certificates for those individual students who have gained the most Star Performers. We also reward all those students in the top 10% each term and we continue to develop ways in which we can do this.

At the end of each term we also run Aiming High assemblies. We highlight and reward students who have managed 100% attendance over the term. We also highlight those students who have shown excellent attitude to learning across a number of subjects. These students are entered in a draw which is held in the Aiming High assemblies, resulting in a variety of rewards.

These termly assemblies also highlight those students who, through the term, have been nominated for the Student of the Month Award. These are awarded by each subject to students who receive a postcard home recognising their achievement.

Staff also use 'Well Done' postcards to recognise particular and significant achievements shown by students in their school life. These are also awarded for consistently good attitude to learning over a period of time.

The School looks forward to its annual Presentation Evening, during which every curriculum department nominates one student from each year group to receive a certificate in recognition of his/her achievement. The culmination of the evening is the presentation of cups to the very best achievers of the year.

The following are our current cup-holders:



BTEC Sport Cup Katie Kitching
Business and Economics Cup             Chris Gill
English and Media Cup Oliver Harradine
Humanities Cup Liam Laverick
Humanities Cup Luke McCormack
ICT Cup Tom Southcott
Maths Cup Mark Wolstenholme
MFL Cup Talya Honebeek
PE Cup Maddy Hope
Performing Arts Cup Billy Gaines
Science Cup Cherry Hornby
Social Sciences Cup Molly Bradbury
Technology Cup Emily Tavanyar
Blenkiron Cup Andrew Conley
Dave Courtenay Cup for Work Experience        Harry Bourne
Trustees' Cup Will Langstaff
Governors' Cup Sophie Blenkiron
Creative Arts Cup Lewis Hayes
Headteacher's Cup Sophie Spink/Ben Walker

We continue to strive to develop our Rewards Policy and welcome feedback and further ideas. We believe that a range of appropriate rewards are an integral part of the promotion of good values and academic excellence at Richmond School.