The Green Howards bring the trenches to life

  • Posted On: 3 October 2019
  • Author: Jill Lundberg
The Green Howards bring the trenches to life

Year 9 GCSE History students learnt about the First World War in a unique way, when Carl Watts, the Education Officer at the Green Howards Museum in Richmond brought some original artefacts into their lessons.  The students began by trying on a modern uniform and comparing it to a First World War soldier’s uniform, noticing especially the weight and materials used.

They then handled German and English helmets from different stages of the war, as well as some of the weapons used such as a grenade, or as it was known then, a bomb!  Students were particularly interested to read the beautiful postcards sent home by soldiers and the whole experience gave them a real insight into the lives and conditions for soldiers in the trenches. 

The students impressed staff particularly with the ideas they gave and questions they asked. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn especially about the experiences of trench life and the Green Howards regiment.

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