School Uniform

School Uniform and Appearance

Our School Uniform is important to us. It is one way in which we identify ourselves as a school family and it promotes a strong, cohesive school identity which supports high standards and expectations in all areas of school life. It promotes harmony between different groups represented in the school, and it enhances security, assisting the school to identify individual pupils in order to maintain good order, and to more easily spot those who shouldn't be on the school site.

Smartness and high standards of appearance are expected at all times.

The School believes that a school uniform is important because it:

  • Looks smart
  • Wears well
  • Is cost effective
  • Contributes to a sense of belonging
  • Gives a common purpose
  • Fosters a feeling of pride
  • Reduces ‘fashion competition’ between children
  • Prepares students well for similar demands in the workplace in future years

All children should wear the uniform and we encourage them to maintain an acceptable standard of clean and tidy dress in school. The uniform has been chosen after extensive consultation. It reflects the needs of the cultural traditions represented at Richmond School. It is readily available and inexpensive.

The Uniform list sets out the details of what the uniform is, in all cases it is for the school to decide what is and is not acceptable school wear.


Garment Colour Gender(s)
Clip on Tie* Official School Tie – attaches to top button of shirt Compulsory for Boys and Girls
Jumper Official School Jumper - black with school logo Compulsory for those Boys and Girls choosing not to wear a blazer
Trousers Official School Trousers - available from school shop. Black, tailored and full length with school logo Boys and Girls
  No jeans, canvas, combat or 'skinny' style trousers of any kind. Official trousers only.  
Skirt Official School Skirt - available from school shop. Black, tailored, formal, approximately knee length with school logo. Girls
  No lycra, jersey, 'stretch material' skirts of any kind. Official skirt only.  
Shirt White – shirts must fasten up to the neck. Boys and Girls
Socks Grey/Black Boys
Socks White/Black Girls
Tights Natural/Plain black. Leggings are not to be worn. Girls
Shoes Black leather type shoes. Boys
  Black leather type shoes with low heels Girls
  No coloured laces or logos. Boots, trainers and canvas shoes of any kind are not permitted. All

* Available from school

Uniform Rules

Reminder about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable with regard to uniform:

Acceptable Not Acceptable
Official school, smart, black trousers with school badge. Jeans/black denim, jeans style trousers, skin tight trousers and leggings.
Black and red hooded sweat tops with school badge. Fashion hoodies and sports branded hoodies.
Official School jumper. Jumpers that are not part of our uniform e.g. cardigans and zipped
sweatshirts/hoodies which are not school badged.
Black leather type shoes. Trainers, sports shoes, plimsoll style canvas shoes.
Smart and practical footwear, shoes or smart ankle boots. Heavy boots.
Outdoor coats which offer weather protection. Sweatshirts and tracksuit style jackets.
Natural single colour hair. Hair dyed unnatural colours or dual coloured dyed hair.
One pair of small studs for ears. Nose or other facial studs/retainers. Earrings that force open the
earlobe/body modification plugs.
Official School Skirts with logo will be of appropriate length and style, worn with plain black tights(Appropriate length is at discretion of the school) Very short skirts.
Wearing jumpers tucked into trousers or skirts.

School Jumpers – Change of Colour

Just a reminder that the school jumpers have now changed from blue to black for all students (Years 7 to 11).  We have however taken on board parental comments that if their child’s blue jumper is still in good condition they should not be required to change it to black until the current one is worn out.  In view of this, and to ensure best value, the School’s position will be as follows:

  • All new Year 7 students will be required to wear black jumpers from September 2016
  • The uniform supplier will only stock black jumpers as from September 2016
  • Students will be able to continue to wear their blue jumpers until they are worn out.
  • The Essential Uniform Guide for Parents/Carers

    We hope our uniform policy is easy to understand, however we are fully aware that with such a vast range of clothing it can become difficult to know what is acceptable. We hope this guide is useful.

    Before we go any further, we are aware that students sometimes like a piece of clothing or footwear and so say it is acceptable uniform whilst being fully aware that it is not. There are times when students say that everyone else is wearing that sort of item! Shops often refer to some items as ‘school wear’, these items are not always acceptable. We hope the guidance below helps you with these issues.

      Do use our online school shop as much as possible.
      Do double check our uniform policy
      Do look at our photographs of acceptable and unacceptable items. 

    Shirts or blouses must have a top button for our tie. Some blouses are open-necked and are therefore inappropriate.

    Trousers that are not full length or are skinny/skin-tight as well as those that use a canvas or jean like material are unacceptable. Trousers that have an elasticated band at the hem are not allowed. Click here to view photographs

    Footwear is a common area with many misconceptions as to what is and is not deemed appropriate. There are lots of different shapes and designs for footwear, however we would like to see a more traditional shoe that uses a leather-type upper, rather than a canvas or suede material. Some manufacturers brand their products as “school-wear”, but may not be appropriate.  Examples include traditional sports or recreational manufacturers producing footwear that is black but is not an acceptable school shoe. These often have multiple lace holes and no “real” heel to the footwear. Here are some examples of what is and is not considered appropriate footwear. Click here to view photographs

    P.E. Kit

    P.E. Kits for Girls

    • *Black School polo top
    • *Black School Fleece
    • *Black School Hockey/Football socks
    • Choice of black shorts, black tracksuit bottoms or black leggings (of suitable thickness)
    • Trainers (with a good sole for grip and cushioning)
    • Shin pads
    • Gum shield (Highly Recommended)

    P.E. Kits for Boys

    • *Black School polo top
    • *Reversible red/black rugby shirt
    • *Black School Football/Rugby socks
    • Black shorts
    • Trainers (with a good sole for grip and cushioning)
    • Football or Rugby boots
    • Shin pads
    • Gum shield (Highly Recommennded)
    • Towel for showers

    Additional layers of clothing are recommended (but are not compulsory) to keep students warm and comfortable in the winter months such as thermal base layers, hats and gloves.

    *Gum shields are issued to all Year 7 students and new starters. Replacements are available on reception. 

    *Uniform and PE kit can be ordered from our uniform supplier, School Shop, using the following processes:

    In most cases the items will be delivered to you at home within a few days, although it is advisable that orders placed for the start of the Autumn Term be placed by mid-July at the latest in order to guarantee delivery.