Transition to Year 7

The transition from primary to secondary school can be a worrying time for children and parents. Most children are excited about the move, although many aspects of secondary school may be different to the smaller, familiar environment of the primary school. Year 6 students, for example, having been the oldest in the school, have to adapt to being the youngest.

At Richmond School, we understand the concerns of children and parents and take great care in supporting students in this important stage of their school career. We have created a film that shows Year 6 students as they transition from primary school to Richmond School.  We hope this will give you a glimpse of the many opportunities we offer them, including school visits and taking part in a range of activities to develop their confidence, forge new friendships and get to know our staff, so they feel at home when they arrive in September.  You can watch the film here  

 We have strong links with our feeder schools and most Year 7 students are already familiar with the buildings and indeed many teachers and older students by the time they start in September. A considerable number of KS2 students visit us for subject-based activities and sporting events, for example. The close working links with colleagues at our feeder schools also means that we can ensure there is continuity and progression for all students as academic and pastoral information is shared between the primary schools and ourselves.

During the Spring Term, Ms. Johnson or another senior member of staff, together with current Year 7 students, will visit all feeder schools to enable Year 6 students to ask any questions and have an overview of life at Richmond School. In the Summer Term, we invite Year 6 students to come with their families to meet their Tutor; this is an opportunity to visit the school and get to know the teacher who will be mainly responsible for their progress and welfare. Later, at the beginning of July, the transition process continues with an Activities Day and an Induction Day. Year 6 students spend the whole day in school, meeting the other members of the Tutor Group, attending taster lessons and an assembly and experiencing many of the routines of the school day. The purpose of these days is to provide a fun and informative experience so that students and parents feel fully prepared for the big step in September and can therefore relax and enjoy the summer holidays.

Special activities are also planned for the first day of Year 7 as part of the induction process. We are always ready to answer questions or discuss concerns. If you have any queries, please contact Ms. Johnson.

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