Special Educational Needs

Richmond School Learning Support Department 

Richmond School is committed to providing a high quality education to students across a wide range of abilities. The School recognises that a significant proportion of students may require additional support at some stage of, or in some cases throughout, their school career and the School will meet such needs wherever possible. 

The School has a large and well-resourced Learning Support Department consisting of a team of well-qualified and highly motivated teaching assistants and a specialist Literacy teacher.  School's Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is Liz Merckx. The Department is an important resource within the School and aims to ensure that students with specific needs are not disadvantaged by them, but are able to access a high quality of education in its widest sense. 

Enhanced Mainstream Status 

Richmond School is an Enhanced Mainstream School for Specific Learning Difficulties. This means that we have a specialist team based at the School who can offer additional expertise and support for students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia. We are also able to access support from other local schools with EMS status in other fields. 

Richmond School holds the Dyslexia Quality Mark (re-awarded in December 2015) 

For information about SEND provision in the school, please see: 
•Richmond School’s SEND Information Report  
•The SEND policy. 


Click here for more information on the School’s Enhance Mainstream status.